Updates from The Wardrobe!

Workshopping Opportunities!

*Please hover over “Workshopping Opportunities” menu in order to access our three workshop types*

Are you dying to have your piece workshopped, but too afraid to have your peers look at it?

Have you always wondered what people think of your piece, but have never found the audience to read it?

Do you think your work has potential to be published, but you want another set of eyes to help?


Here at The Wardrobe we want your work.  If you’re not ready to have it published, send in your work to wardrobe journal@gmail.com and we will post it to our “workshopping opportunities” page so that our followers can take a look at your work and comment on it!

We encourage active discussions and hope that you will be open to all comments/suggestions that your peers have for you.  This is the perfect opportunity to get your work out in the world without having to get it published right away.

The editors here at The Wardrobe will also participate in the active commentary and are open to holding email conversations with those who are too shy to post their work on the internet.

Don’t hesitate.  We’re here to help you and get your name out in the literary world!


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