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An Introduction Into Another World

An Introduction Into Another World


Clockwork Angel: Cassandra Clare

Review by Jacquelyn Phillips

I will admit, I have yet to read The Mortal Instruments series written by Cassandra Clare.  But yes, I have seen the movie based on the first book in that series, The City of Bones.  While this may seem strange to all you avid fans of YA fiction, there is a method to my madness.

I have begun my journey from the beginning—seems like the obvious choice to make when reading a book series, right?

Well, Clockwork Angel, Book One of the prequel series titled The Infernal Devices (written after the original Mortal Instruments series), was the perfect way for me to be introduced to a completely different world; particularly, one filled with Shadowhunters, Downworlders, Demons and Mundanes. .

Cassandra Clare does not disappoint.

As an avid writer and reader, I greatly appreciate Clare’s writing style.  It’s both casual and formal, drawing the reader into a modern form of writing while embracing the language, geography and lifestyle present within Victorian London.  It’s easy to fall in love with the descriptions and dialog, and to fall in hate with some of the characters because they are so incredibly real.  Clare has a way of bringing her writing to life making the text more than just words typed out onto a page.

For example, one of the main characters, Will Herondale says: “There’s plenty of sense in nonsense sometimes, if you wish to look for it.”

I don’t know about you, but this made me swoon.

Clare also has a way of making the reader laugh, producing comic relief in situations that would otherwise drive the reader into an emotional breakdown.  While Will and Jem (another main character) are searching through an abandoned warlock mansion, the reader is just waiting for something disastrous to happen.  But the tension is relieved through Clare’s ability to procure witty banter between her characters.

Cassandra Clare writes:

 “Jem raised his hand, and his witchlight flared into life, frightening a group of blackbeetles….’Indeed.  Perhaps, if we’re fortunate, we can still catch syphilis.’

‘Or demon pox,’ Will suggested cheerfully, trying the door under the stairs.  It swung open, unlocked as the front door had been.  ‘There’s always demon pox.’

‘Demon pox does not exist.’

‘Oh ye of little faith,’ said Will, disappearing into the darkness under the stairs.”

I laughed out loud, or lol’d as you might say, easing the pressure that had built up in my chest as a result of dramatic, scary setting details.

More than her language, this novel is filled with amazing character development and unbelievable plot formation.  Filled with twists and surprises, Clare constantly keeps her readers on their toes.  Even when I absolutely knew where the plot was headed, Clare somehow managed to prove me wrong and lead me in a different direction.

If you pick up this book, it will be impossible to put down.

Beginning with a dark prologue, Clare invites her readers into London and Southampton, 1878, introducing the three unforgettable main characters, Will, Jem and Tessa.  Weaving a narrative filled with betrayal, deception, love, loyalty, friendship, bravery, cowardice, and hate, Clare will forever leave an imprint on your heart.  And then ending with an epilogue void of plot answers you were expecting to discover, Clare is sure to give the readers enough information so they yearn to learn more.

I, for one, made the trip to Barnes and Noble and bought the second book of the series as soon as I finished this one.

My library will not be complete until the trilogy takes residence amidst its shelves.

 SPOILER ALERT!: This book will blow your mind.  No doubt about it.

To preview and buy the book, click HERE! 

Authcassandra clare, the mortal instruments, the infernal devices, shadowhunter, downworleror Bio: Cassandra Clare

Born in Teheran, Iran, Cassandra Clare travelled to multiple countries and beautiful landscapes with her parents including France, England, Switzerland and the Himalayas.  She spent her high school years in Los Angeles where she wrote her first novel, The Beautiful Cassandra, which she used to entertain her friends.  After college, Cassandra lived in Los Angeles and New York.  There, she worked for many entertainment magazines and tabloids.  She began her first YA novel, City of Bones, in 2004, which was originally inspired by the uniqueness and chaos of Manhattan’s landscape.  She began writing fantasy fiction full-time in 2006.  Her series, The Mortal Instruments has become very popular; so popular, in fact, that movies have been made (or are planning to be made) based on the books.  The prequel to The Mortal Instruments is a trilogy titled The Infernal Devices and the companion series titled The Dark Artifices is scheduled to be released in 2015.


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