Poetry For Children: Fair Princess

Castle, Poetry, Fairy Tale

Fair Princess

A poem by: Nicole Robertson

 Mode Bly was a farm boy,

Who did chores throughout the day.

He took care of the horses,

And lined their stalls with hay.

 He heard about a maiden,

Who was pretty and royal, too.

She was captured by a dragon.

“Fair princess, I’ll rescue you.”

 He gathered his belongings,

And an axe to chop the wood.

He brought along a hammer,

And at the gate he stood.

He said goodbye to all,

And looked at the sky of blue.

He began his great adventure.

“Fair princess, I’ll rescue you.”

 For miles he did travel,

Hunting when his stomach pained.

With hammer’s blow and axe’s chop,

Strength and skill he gained.

He traveled rough terrain,

And now he really knew,

He had arrived at the castle.

“Fair princess, I’ll rescue you.”

 Mode approached the castle,

His courage had no limit.

Then he saw a moat,

And thought if he could swim it.

He finally took his stance,

And looked at the moat.

It looked so big and long,

He wished he had a boat.

Mode saw her in the window,

With beautiful eyes of blue.

He gave out a shout to her:

“Fair princess, I’ll rescue you!”

He gathered up his courage,

And jumped into the water.

He crossed to the castle,

To rescue the king’s daughter.

He stormed through the stone walls,

And tripped on a metal shoe.

Though rattled he did continue.

“Fair princess, I’ll rescue you.”

 He was preparing for the dragon.

Truly scared was the farmer.

He saw a bunch of metal things.

It was the failed knights’ armor.

He found himself in the keep.

There the dragon of pure blue,

Slept upon his treasured hoard.

“Fiery dragon, I’ll slay you.”

 Mode crept up to the dragon.

He climbed upon his head.

He brought down his wooden axe,

And wondered, “Is it dead?”

 The dragon woke with a start,

And let out an evil cry.

Then he sent up in the air,

The little farmer, Mode Bly.

 As the beast picked itself up,

Mode rose to his feet.

He saw a sword to his right.

It and his hand did meet.

 With all of his strength and skill,

He ran up the dragon’s spine.

Bly slashed at every scale.

The dragon let out a whine.

 He mounted on its head.

Axe’s wound he did find.

He dug the sword in so deep,

The dragon did go blind.

 In forever endless dark,

The dragon fell down dead.

Mode pulled the sword out of him,

And jumped off of his head.

 He ran toward the tower.

The day is now anew.

There he found her weeping.

“Fair princess, I’ve rescued you!”

Her head did rise wet with tears.

A smile brightened her face.

She ran up to the farmer,

And locked him in an embrace.

Then she asked him something big.

Mode Bly already knew,

His answer is surely yes.

“Fair princess, I’ll marry you.”

They returned to the village.

The king was very pleased.

Mode was given so much gold,

It came out when he sneezed.

The couple just got married.

They said that they’ll be true.

She answered yes, and Mode said,

“Fair princess, of course I do.”

 Their love story still goes on,

From far away I send.

They had a great adventure,

But for now here’s the end.

Author Nicole Robertson:  Nicole Robertson is an aspiring fantasy-fiction novelist with a strong appreciation for well-developed settings and characters. She hopes to create immersive worlds for her novels that are on par with those of Tolkien and Rowling, though that will be determined by readers. She is always thinking of her stories and their characters and hopes to someday publish them for all to experience and meet.


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