Tuolumne Meadows: Written by Dr. Michael S. Whitt

Author Bio: Dr. or Ms. Michael S. Whitt ( NOM DE PLUM Dr. Amanda Rosaleigh Blake) grew up in a central Florida citrus village with a beautiful swimming lake a few minutes from her house. She graduated from the University of Florida, Magna Cum Laude . She taught for a year and half in Marion County Florida. She also taught in Broward Country Florida. During this time she received her masters degree, and participated in two teachers strikes, one statewide. She entered ar doctoral program and received it two years later. She taught at the University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, and Auburn University. She left the University in l989 and became a free lance writer editor, tutor. She is married to Dr. James Whitt.


Once upon some secluded Meadows Fair, My Love and I did lie.

We shed our clothes with joyful abandon

We felt the soft, grassy earth upon our skin,

And gazed at the clear blue sky.

Once upon these lovely Meadows, My love and I did play.

We picked a bouquet of wild flowers,

And were intoxicated as a dozen fragrances came our way.

We romped like children in our Magnificent Meadows for hours

Once upon our Charming Meadows, my Love and I did celebrate.

So much was there to enjoy and admire;

A tiny brook with a friendly little garter snake,

A Redwood Forest to one side that set our hearts on fire!

Once upon our Heavenly Meadows, My Love and I did meditate.

We were in a Garden of Eden that was something wonderful to see.

In those Beautiful Meadows it was our superb Fate,

To be a man and a woman in Love—Naked, Unashamed, and Free.


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