Let the Brotherband Chronicles Sweep You Out to Sea This Weekend

Have you been searching for awesome books, movies, or television shows to start? Well, look no further. Every week, The Wardrobe will be providing you with all sorts of fantastic suggestions to start your weekend off right! Make sure to check in every Friday under the UPDATES Menu tab (Click on RECOMMENDATIONS) for a list of science fiction, fantasy and fairy tale goodies!

This week the Wardrobe Recommends…

Brotherband Cover, Ranger's Apprentice, John Flanagan,

Brotherband Book 1 Cover

Brotherband by John Flanagan

            Brotherband is swashbuckling series of books written by Australian author John Flanagan. If you love adventure, Vikings, sailing, heroes, heroines and quests, then this might just be your new favorite series for the summer. Flanagan is the author that brought us 12 volumes in his Ranger’s Apprentice series, and the Brotherband books inhabit that same world. Book four of the Brotherband series The Slaves of Socorro comes out July 15th and will follow Hal (the young captain), Stig (his first mate), Thorn and the rest of his crew on their ship, The Heron, as they once again take to the seas. While the first three books in the series stuck mainly to the Skandian (the country Hal and his crew are from) area of the globe, book four is rumored to include an appearance of a Ranger from Araluen. Brotherband is marketed towards middle grade level readers, but we highly recommend it for anyone looking for an escape to world full of adventure. Get started now and you will have plenty of time to read the first three before the fourth volume comes out.


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