Minority Report

Have you been searching for awesome books, movies, or television shows to start? Well, look no further. Every week, The Wardrobe will be providing you with all sorts of fantastic suggestions to start your weekend off right! Make sure to check in every Friday under the UPDATES Menu tab (Click on RECOMMENDATIONS) for a list of science fiction, fantasy and fairy tale goodies!

This week the Wardrobe Recommends…

Minority Report

Minority Report, tom cruise, science fiction

What would the world be like if the police could prevent crimes before they happened? John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is the chief of the “pre-crime” unit of police that has kept the streets of Washington D.C. crime-free thanks to the core of the pre-crime program: three humans with precognitive abilities. Anderton believes in the system and supports the initiative to apply the program to the entire country, but his faith falters when the pre-cogs predict a crime that claims that he is the perpetrator. With only hours to go before his crime he will be committed, Anderton sets off on a race against fate to prove his innocence and discover the truth behind the pre-crime program.

(Because this film features some fairly frightening scenes and some adult content, we recommend that parents research into the film before showing it to younger children.)


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