The Maze Runner

Have you been searching for awesome books, movies, or television shows to start? Well, look no further. Every week, The Wardrobe will be providing you with all sorts of fantastic suggestions to start your weekend off right! Make sure to check in every Friday under the UPDATES Menu tab (Click on RECOMMENDATIONS) for a list of science fiction, fantasy and fairy tale goodies!

This week the Wardrobe Recommends…

The Maze Runner Series


Remember. Survive. Run.

Indulge yourself in the hottest young adult series this year, The Maze Runner series. Prepare yourself for the maze of emotions you’ll feel while reading. And learn the secrets of the maze and of WICKED.

Without any memory of who he is, Thomas enters the Glade, the safe haven for 50 other teenage boys just like him. What lies beyond the Glade is the Maze. No one has been able to find the exit. And no one dares enter the Maze at night after the doors close in fear of the Grievers, the deadly half machine creatures that roam the Maze at night.

Keep your eyes open for the movie as well coming out September 19, 2014!

Check out the movie trailer here!



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