The Maze Runner Movie

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This week the Wardrobe Recommends…

The Maze Runner Movie


By now you’ve already read the book (all of them if you’re a super fan like I am) and you’ve already fallen in love with the characters and the storyline. All that’s left to do is go to a movie theater sit down with your popcorn and drink and be entertain for a suspenseful, thrilling movie that will leave you wanting more.

themazerunnerMaze-Runner-Teresa-560x560Director Wes Ball did an amazing job with this movie keeping it mostly similar to the book with acceptable changes within the time frame of a feature film. The casting is incredible, Dylan O’Brien (Thomas) and Kaya Scodelario (Teresa) are amazing and perfect for the job! They really capture the emotion of the moment and enhance it making it everything seem so realistic. The casting for Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Minho (Ki Hong Lee), and even little Chuck (Blake Cooper) couldn’t any better. This group of boys sets the tone of the Glade and they all do a fantastic job of creating the Glade into the place I’ve always seen ithemazerunner2t as in the book.

I have to give a small shout-out to Will Poulter (Gally) since after seeing the dorky, weird kid in We’re the Millers I couldn’t imagine him in any other role, but he makes one bad ass villain in The Maze Runner!

As well as the amazing the cast, the sets are just as spectacular. The buildings (made of sticks and wood) are perfect example of what a group of boys with limited options would make. Though I was a little confused as to why the woods are a tropical jungle rather than a typical forest, but I’ll get into that later. Lastly, there’s the maze (which is slightly different in the book, but for the purpose of a movie it is incredible and brilliantly created) and the maze, in all it’s glory, tested the boys in both skill and strength.

Even though the storyline changed slightly*, Ball stuck to the main points and made this movie an absolute must see.


Find out if the maze is for you, watch the trailer here!

*Stay tuned to the Wardrobe for a comparative review from book to movie. Did the movie meet your expectations of the book? Tell us what you think about the movie in the comments below or send us your own review at


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