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Editor, Jacquelyn Phillips, Accepting Manuscripts!


Do you have a science fiction or fantasy manuscript you feel needs to be edited?  Do you want to get it ready for the agent’s office and feel like another eye would do your manuscript good?  Editor, Jacquelyn Phillips, is available for you!

She has experience reading and editing manuscripts from war stories, to memoir/self-help, to good old science fiction—and anything you can name in between.

Set a date on when you would like the manuscript ready and Jacquelyn will make sure to provide you with her expertise.  Your work can be emailed or sent via snail mail, depending on whether you like handwritten notes or computer generated notes better.

The topic of payment will be discussed upon length of the novel.

You can find her on Twitter @AppleJaxxx09

On Facebook:

On Tumblr:

Or send her an email to

Don’t hesitate!  The time to edit is now!


Jacquelyn Phillips, Editor, Writer, The Wardrobe, The Wardrobe Journal


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