The Shadow Children Series

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This week the Wardrobe Recommends…

The Shadow Children Series

Shadow Children Collage 2

In Luke’s world, a family must consist of only four people: a father, a mother, and just two children. Any children beyond that are against the law. Luke is a third child, a Shadow Child, a child hunted by the Population Police. He’s spent his entire life in hiding, only emerging from his house to help his family farm the land they own that’s hidden by the dense forest. His family has protected him from the government and later on continue to do so by denying him the ability to even go out to farm when the forest is cut down to make way for new, expensive houses. Luke believes that he is doomed to a life trapped inside where all he can do is watch real life out the widow, but one day he sees a flash of face when a family of four has already left that house. Should he risk meeting another Shadow Child? And more importantly, is he willing to pay the price if he is caught?

Among the Hidden is the first book in Margaret Peterson Haddix’s phenomenal dystopian Shadow Children series. Luke’s story is just the beginning of a seven-book adventure, so be sure to have the next book, Among the Impostors,  on the shelf next to you so you won’t have to wait to find out what happens!


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