Lady in the Water

Have you been searching for awesome books, movies, or television shows to start? Well, look no further. Every week, The Wardrobe will be providing you with all sorts of fantastic suggestions to start your weekend off right! Make sure to check in every Friday under the UPDATES Menu tab (Click on RECOMMENDATIONS) for a list of science fiction, fantasy and fairy tale goodies!

This week the Wardrobe recommends…

Lady in the Water


Cleveland Heep (Paul Giamatti) is the manager of a regular old apartment complex. He does his duty every day, fixing drains, killing spiders, and making sure people don’t swim in the pool at night. He thinks he’s nothing special, a nobody who just wants to live his life in a quiet little corner out of the way of everyone.

But everything changes when Cleveland catches Story (Bryce Dallas Howard), a water nymph sent by her people to help humans, swimming in his pool. Little by little he learns that she is from an ancient fairy tale and in order to get her home, everyone must discover what part they play in her story. But things become dangerous when monsters from her world try to prevent her from returning to her people and everyone must band together to help Story get home before its too late.


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