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A Hero Has Come to Save the Summer!

A Hero Has Come to Save the Summer!

Review of: Big Hero 6

Review By: Jacquelyn Phillips

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On a Saturday night around 8 PM West Coast time, I found myself buying a ticket to see the latest animated Disney film, Big Hero 6. The theatre was completely sold out, filled with couples on date night and children attending birthday parties, yet I managed to slip into a corner seat, completely unnoticed by my peers. Excited children chatted with eager anticipation while couples took Selfies on their smart phones, probably uploading some witty status on their Facebook page. Once the lights dimmed and the screen size expanded, a unified hush fell across the filled rows, the previews rolled, and then movie attendees were greeted by the best animated short to date: Feast.

Feast, Disney, Animated Short, Big Hero 6, The Wardrobe, The Wardrobe Journal

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I don’t want to state too much, but I will say that the story line of this animated short film with tear at your heartstrings mercilessly. I cried, I laughed, I oohed, I awwwed, and I heart my fellow attendees doing the same. Let’s just say, this movie experience started with a BANG, and I looked forward to the major motion picture ahead of me.

Big Hero 6 follows the story of the protagonist, Hiro Hamada, who is a 14 year old genius initially wasting his brains on scamming professional, albeit illegal, robot fighters. His older brother, Tadashi Hamada, attends the “nerd school” where a group of his friends are hard at work with high-tech inventions intended to benefit the world. Tadashi invented our big, white inflatable friend, Baymax, a robot intent on helping individuals who had been injured or those who are in need of medical services. After a horrible event occurs (yes, another tear jerker), Hiro must band together with an upgraded Baymax and his brother’s college friends in order to save the futuristic town of San Fransokyo.

I would say there are three reasons why this movie quickly earned a place on my Top 5 favorite Disney movies.

Big Hero 6, Disney, Animation, Family, Comedy, Action, Movie Review, Commentaries, The Wardrobe, The Wardrobe JournalThe first reason why this movie succeeded was the subtle details that provided the audience with laughter. The stunted movements of Baymax, the elongated silences and exasperated facial expressions of Hero, and the slapstick humor are sure to bring a smile to your face and a series of cramps to your stomach. Of course, there his humor suitable for children of all ages, but there were adults in the theatre laughing just as hard as your average seven year old.

The second reason why you should see this movie immediately is the heart-melting situation that the writers and animators force you to experience. You’ll want to give everyone you see in the near futureBig Hero 6, Disney, Animation, Family, Comedy, Action, Movie Review, Commentaries, The Wardrobe, The Wardrobe Journal a comforting hug. You’ll want to rest your head on the shoulder of the person sitting next to you. You’ll want to tell your siblings you love them. You’ll want to create a super hero team with your best friends and fight a man seeking revenge. Most importantly, you’ll want to go home, cuddle up under the blankets and cry. Not a bad cry, but a cry that opens up your soul and releases all of the negative energy you have in your life.

Oh, and you’ll want to real-life Baymax to watch over you at all times. That is something of which I am most certain.

Big Hero 6, Disney, Animation, Family, Comedy, Action, Movie Review, Commentaries, The Wardrobe, The Wardrobe JournalThe third reason why you’ll probably pre-order this movie on Blu-Ray the instant it stops playing in theaters (or you could be like me and plan on paying the thirteen dollars in order to see it on the big screen yet again) would have to be the action packed scenes that have you sitting on the edge of your seat. You wonder if the super hero team is going to make it out alive. You wonder if Hiro is going to lose all his values and become a bad guy. The plot twists and turns are sure to keep your interest—prepare for the audible gasps that are bound to echo off the theatre walls. There are some serious changes that I did NOT see coming.

It’s still unbelievable to me that animation has come this far. Adults and children alike should see this movie as soon as physically (or financially) possible. I’ve been raving about it to my friends and family all day and will continue to rave about it tomorrow. If you’re in the need of a great family outing, put this in your plans! Sneak in your own snacks and drinks—but don’t tell anybody I told you to do that.

Let us know how you felt about the movie. Leave a comment below or send us an email with your thoughts.

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