Spirited Away

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This week the Wardrobe recommends…

Spirited Away

Spirited Away

There is a fine line between animation and anime. Director Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli teeters on that edge. This Academy Award winner for Best Animated Film is a must see film for anyone interested in the fantasy genre. It’s a light-hearted, fun, and entertaining film that is filled with wonder and excitement. spiritedaway1

The movie is about Chihiro a 10-year-old girl who stumbles upon the spirit world. Chihiro is like any other 10-year-old, she’s curious, frightened, and timid, but when the time comes she can be furious, strong, and determined.

Chihiro is traveling with her parents to their new home in a new city. Her father decides to take a short cut which takes them to the entrance of an abandoned amusement park.

Diving into the curiosity, the family goes in to have a look around. Then using the power of his nose, Chihiro’s father follows the sent of freshly made food to a small kiosk with piles and piles of food with no one else around. Chihiro felt an eerie presence and kept asking her parents if they could go home, but her parents decided to stay and eat.

spirited_away_screenshot_3_by_anian0-d4epnpxSo Chihiro, who refused to eat with her parents, decided to wander around until she found herself in front of a majestic bathhouse. As night looms over strange things start to happen. A mysterious young man appears before Chihiro and warns her to leave. Taking his advice, she runs back to her parents only to find out that they have turned into pigs. Now Chihiro has entered the spirit world and must find a way to get her parents turned back into humans and get them all back to the human world.

In her journey she meets many interesting characters from frog men to dragons to a creature with no face, to the evil ruler of the spirit bathhouse. Along the way, Chihiro makes new friends and learns about a new and wondrous place, the spirit world.

Spirtied Away

Check out the trailer HERE!


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