The Ending of the Saga

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This week the Wardrobe recommends…

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The Hobbit The Batlle of the Five Armies Character Poster (2)

The end of the saga has finally come to us. The adventures of Bilbo Baggins has finally come to the climactic ending of The Hobbit. While the movie was certainly entertaining, it’s not a movie I would see twice.

Smaug is released, the dwarves have made it to their mountain filled with gold and jewels, and Gandalf has been captured by the evil orcs. The dwarves have armies upon armies of men, elves, and orcs marching at their door for their share of the treasure hidden within the mountain. Hobbit

With these seemingly one in a million odds of winning the thirteen dwarves decided to stand their ground and fight off the masses of armies knocking at their door. While this movie was highly entertaining with a lot of action scenes, it was a tad bit ridiculous how lucky (not skilled because everything that happened was all due to luck) all the characters were. They were able to preform stunts that were physically impossible and the amount of luck they had made the movie slightly boring.

However, I still recommend this movie to see your favorite dwarves and your favorite hobbit work their magic. This Hobbit was less about politics and more about war and with a movie this big, so were the action scenes.

Along with the action story there was also a love story thrown into the mix. The love between Kili and Tauriel was very much out of place in the middle of a war, but you can’t have a good action film without a love story. Whereas Bilbo and Thorin’s friendship could have sufficed enough as a “love” story. It was nice getting to know some of the characters on that personal level.

hobbit2All in all the movie is a must see for fans or lovers of fantasy action movies. For those who’ve read the book will see the surface of new characters. For those who haven’t will see the epic battle of their favorite dwarves against the evil orcs.

Take the time this weekend to indulge in the fantasy one last time.


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