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The Scorch Trials Movie

The Scorch Trials Movie

by Casey Cook

Depending on how you look at it, The Scorch Trials movie was really good or really bad. How so? Scorch TrialsIt all depends on what you compare the movie to, whether it’s the Maze Runner movie or The Scorch Trials book.
Compared to the Maze Runner, the movie was amazing. It connects the next piece of the puzzle and still leaves a big cliff hanger for the third movie, The Death Cure. The movie is action packed as it follows our favorite Gladers, Thomas, Newt, Minho, and even Frypan (the perfect comic relief). And of course we can’t forget our favorite girl (not to mention the only girl in Maze Runner) Teresa.
But can we really call her our favorite girl anymore? In The Scorch Trials we’re introduced to yet another badass girl, Brenda played beautifully by Rosa Salazar. And with Brenda we meet Jorge played by Giancarlo Esposito. Scorch Trials2
In this movie we see what the world is like outside the Maze and we learn what happened to it. Wicked has a reason for everything they do and they are willing to do anything possible to achieve their goal, which makes them a very powerful enemy. When the Gladers think they’re finally free from Wicked’s clutches all hell breaks loose and they must then fight for their lives once again.
On top of the Wicked threat, the Gladers come across a new threat, the Cranks that now swarm the scorched Earth. You may be wondering what a Crank is, well, put simply a Crank is an “intelligent” zombie. I say “intelligent” because to some degree they are able to still think and process information (at least in the book). This is where things get bad for those who absolutely loved the book. In the book, the Cranks were able to speak and think, yet they had mood swings and their actions became violent toward other humans. Once the virus completely overcame the human body they basically became a human eating/infecting zombie.
The Cranks intelligence wasn’t the only thing different between the movie and the book. Honestly, the movie barely even followed book. The only thing kept intact was the bare minimum base plot of the book. I won’t go into details as to how everything about it was different (this review would go on forever). However, scorch-trials-poster-2-headerI will say the one thing that made me sad was the fact that they decided to take out all fantastical elements of the book. So instead of being a science fiction, fantasy story it’s just your run of the mill dystopian story.
Either way I would definitely agree with IMBD’s rating of a 7.2/10. It is definitely worth it to see on the big screen with a snack and a drink. Just be prepared if you were looking for The Scorch Trials book because it is very different.


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