About the Editors

disneyJacquelyn Phillips: While not day dreaming about becoming the next great author on New York’s Best Seller’s List, Jacquelyn lives a very busy life.  Not only is she a server at Sea World San Diego, she is also a full-time student, full-time writer, and full-time life lover.  She was the previous editor-in-chief of The pacificREVIEW journal, “Strangely Ever After.” and published the best-selling pacificREVIEW journal ever in April 2014.  She writes dark fairy tales, developing roles for female characters that are far from the ordinary and creating male counterparts who do not hold the power like they usually do.  Her New-Adult novel, Cat and Mouse, is currently in the final stages of editing and she hopes to see it published within this upcoming year. Sometimes, she spends her day wasting away and napping next to her cat, Gatsby.  There isn’t enough time in the day for everything she has on her plate, and she wishes there really were a wardrobe you could jump through to turn back time or take you to an unknown land.

IMG_1662Benjamin Jenkins: Ben Jenkins is a little perturbed that things didn’t work out for him as a Ranger’s Apprentice, Magician’s Apprentice, or a Starfleet Officer—although he is referred to sometimes as a space cadet.  To make up for his loss, he reads their chronicles nightly and obsesses over why he wasn’t chosen.  He has worked as an editorial assistant at Fiction International and studies fiction in the MFA program at San Diego State University.  His work can be found in the Aztec Literary Review and he can be found with his nose in a book far, far away.

photoCasey Cook: Screenwriter in the making, Casey dreams to one day create an Academy Award winning film. While she tries to juggle her busy life consisting of work, school, and screenwriting, she works on her Best Seller novel. Along with the craziness of an American life, Casey also frequents Europe when she has the money to spend to gain cultural knowledge of the other world. She says the best part about writing and reading is the opportunity to learn about things she wouldn’t have otherwise researched. In secret, like many of you, she wishes she lived in the fantasy worlds she reads about everyday, but enjoys diving into a good book.

Editor PhotoEllie Benitez: Student by day, writer by night, Ellie tends to spend every spare moment holed up in her room writing her allegorical fantasy stories. When she is not on campus working her way towards her degree in English, she can be found wading through the crazy long booklist provided by her professors or writing essay after essay after essay. Ellie also loves to cook for her family, read all kinds of novels, and have arguments with her incredibly stubborn dog over whether or not he should sit down.


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